Resort al Centro
The Resort Al Centro’s private garden is a lovely little place of peace and refreshment during the warm season. There are various outdoor spaces dedicated to our guests: a large swimming pool to cool off in, a lounge area to enjoy lunch or dinner under the open sky, a spacious lawn to rest or have fun with friends, and more. Let yourself be carried away by the short story of a classic day’s holiday at the Resort Al Centro and discover what awaits you; it will be the small, simple things that make the experience special.

It’s morning…

Light begins to enter the room. I wake up and feel refreshed after a long sleep. I get up and go to open the window: the view of the garden and the mountains makes me smile; I know that a day of relaxation awaits me, and why not, also with a pinch of fun. I get ready, and have breakfast with a croissant I ordered at the reception desk, just to stay light … I don’t want to spoil my appetite for later. .

A short time later I leave the flat, walk past reception where I meet the manager. She greets me with kindness and a big smile; I return the same. I stop to exchange a few words with her, while I drink a good coffee from the nearby coffee machine.

Then I take my leave and head for the garden. Once outside, the first sensation is that of a pleasant temperature on my skin. As I walk down the driveway, I look around: the garden is mostly sunny but the sun has not yet reached its maximum height. The sky is a deep blue, and the lawn is green. I notice a small butterfly flying between the vivid red flowers and the surrounding plants decorating the sides of the path. I follow it with my gaze as it passes from flower to flower, and I lose sight of it as it recedes between the leaves of the tall palm trees.

I sit down on one of the small sofas in the lounge area, under the parasols and out of the sun; I find the ambience perfect for reading. I pick up one of the books borrowed from the Resort’s library, open it and start flipping through the pages. The reading is so engrossing that for a moment I lose track of time.

After a few moments, something catches my attention and my eyes rest on the sparkling blue of the pool… the clear water is so inviting. After showering, I approach the pool steps and dip a foot in to feel the temperature: I feel a pleasant freshness. I slowly enter the pool; the water level first reaches my ankles and then continues along my legs until my belly is submerged. Without thinking and calmly I swim a few laps, just to stretch my body. Everything is quiet around me. There is a lightness in the air… a sense of well-being.

After freshening up I get out of the pool, a light breeze brushes against my skin and gives me goose bumps along my arms for a brief moment. I take a seat on a deckchair by the pool to dry off and sunbathing. I feel the warm sensation of the sun warming my whole body… I close my eyes and listen: I hear the rustling in the leaves of the palm trees, the chirping of the birds hidden in the branches of the nearby trees, the soothing sound of the water flowing in the pool… it is peace of mind and I feel completely relaxed; it is a wonderful feeling.

At some point I hear talking in the distance, I open my eyes and realise that I have fallen asleep for a few minutes under the parasol. As I try to recover from my short nap, a nice smell of grilling comes to me from the barbecue corner; I turn around and see them: family and friends have gathered in the garden to grill all together. As soon as the meal is ready, I sit with them around the table and enjoy my meal; as we talk, an amusing anecdote always comes up, followed by some funny joke… I laugh so hard that tears come to my eyes.

A couple of hours go by, the sun starts to go down and the areas of shade get bigger and bigger… It is now late afternoon. After a few games of cards and other board games spent in pleasant company, I move from the lounge area and make my way to the lawn. I sit down on the garden swing: in front of me, the youngest members of the family are drawing sitting at a small table, and the older ones are having fun playing table tennis on the other side of the pool.

I rock gently for a few more minutes before returning to the flat to prepare to go out into the city centre; a fun evening with music and various activities organised by the city of Lugano awaits me.

As I watch the sun set, I think back over the day. A sweet feeling makes its way inside me: I feel at home and realise that very little is needed to spend quality time. I walk away from the garden and feel happy at the thought of returning the next day and experience another memorable day.