Resort al Centro

1 August 2023

The celebration of the National Day on 1 August is a much-loved occasion for the people of Lugano and represents a unifying and reflective moment. The traditional programme is rich and varied: it starts early in the morning, with the Tamburini Luganesi playing the alarm clock in the city centre. Afterwards, the authorities gather in Piazza della Riforma and, escorted by the Corpo dei Volontari Luganesi, walk to Piazza Indipendenza, where a laurel wreath is laid on the Independence obelisk as a tribute to Lugano’s history This is followed by a concert by the Filarmonica di Castagnola. In the evening, the programme resumes with the procession, formed by the authorities and the city associations, moving along Via Nassa, Piazza Battaglini, Riva Vela, Rivetta Tell, Via Canova and Piazza Manzoni, to Piazza della Riforma. After the procession, the 1 August speech is scheduled, which is read out by a different speaker each year, followed by a concert by the Civica Filarmonica di Lugano. Finally, late in the evening, the programme ends with the majestic fireworks display on the lake, which attracts thousands of tourists to the city every year. More information on the event programm can be found on the official website of Lugano and Lugano Region.

location_on 4 km
directions_car 11 min
directions_bus 25 min

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